Dosja 'Habilaj' / In search of "Lolos", the man who met with "Big Head"

Florian Habilaj, 37, Moisi Habilaj's younger brother, with the nickname "Lolo", has returned to the most wanted person by Albanian and Italian police.

Above it there is an international arrest warrant. Taking testimony with regard to hashish traffic between the two countries could perhaps make it clear who is the person with the power to support this criminal group in his activity, writes TCH.

According to the wiretaps made by the Italian Prosecutor's Office, it turns out that Lolo is the man who deals with jobs here in Albania and has met what the traffickers called the big boss.

The interceptions made between him and the other part of the group were made by telephone call or SMS, coordinating the organization's work between the two countries.

There are a large number of messages between the two Habilay brothers who communicate with each other, but in a conversation, the fact that the great boss speaks.

According to the interception, Floriani says he has met and has talked with him and told him not to worry.

Wrong conversation

F: I started yesterday in Tirana and I just came to Fier.

M: Why?

F: The big boss asked me

M: What did he want?

F: Nothing about this ... about the situation

M: Did you ... talk directly to him?

F: Waiting at 11:30, they also sent me a cab to take me

M: What did you say?

F: He asked me how the situation is

M: What do you mean ...?

F: He told me not to worry, because it's a matter of hours and not to think too much.

M: You should say that we have no fault, that's what you should say.

F: I said that we are not guilty and told me that they are intentionally calling on me

M: We also knew this and for this reason we did not bother

F: He told me we phoned and asked him not to interfere with gambling.

M: Called (implying a third person)

F: The big one had called this. He had taken the cell phone. I told him we did not hit, bothered us, destroyed all the business.

M: Okay

F: He told me, "do not worry, do not worry."

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