Family Day, Study: Children Do Not Report Violence

On the day of reflection on the importance of the family, the Ministry of Social Welfare presented the new social protection strategy, which foresees, among other things, the protection of children and families impossible.

"I protect the children, has now turned into a major campaign across the country, not just awareness, but with the establishment of special local and central structures to respond and address properly every case of children at risk", noted Minister Blendi Klosi appeared in an activity held yesterday in the pedestrian area of the capital.

But despite the work of the Ministry, the data presented by child protection organizations is not satisfactory. A World Vision study speaks of the critical situation in which are currently the most vulnerable members of families in need, children. Based on their study, 80% of children surveyed aged 8 to 12 would not report violence to the relevant institutions.

This is for two reasons: either they do not know where to report cases of abuse or do not trust institutions that can help them. Given this situation, the implementation of the Ministry's strategy is addressed as an emergency. "The ministry has a major challenge before it: The National Social Protection Strategy, presented today, should serve the family's well-being because it is the basis of child welfare.

And, on the other hand, this strategy should provide minors with simple reporting methods as soon as possible. It is important for children who are suffering violence to be able to tell this to the right people and to have confidence that they will be heard and assisted, "the report said. One of the reasons that has worsened the state of the children is territorial reform, which has led to the closure of many units for their protection.

"Thousands of children are endangered by violence, exploitation, begging, and have no where to go for help. Thousands of children, at this time, are under threat and have been abandoned by the relevant institutions, "the study said.

The strategy of the Ministry of Welfare for 2016-2020 provides in particular protection for people who are unable, especially children who seek support from the state. Work will soon start on every administrative unit.


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