Diellza Kolgeci plans to return to screen after becoming a mother

A few months ago it was discovered that Albanian Miss Diellza Kolgeci was awaiting sweetness.

Soon Diellza will become a mother of a girl and this will be the first blessing for him from the basketball player 11 years younger, Fisnik Rugova.

During this time the Kosovar model has remained detached from the screen as a moderator or actress, but is expected to return soon. Blogger Olti Curri has revealed in the afternoon "Rudina" that Diellza is planning to return to screen as before, when he was very active.

Of course, she will wait until the child's birth, until she starts work again with the new projects she has planned during the months of her pregnancy.

We recall that Diellza is in a relationship with kosovar basketball player, Fisnik Rugova, who is a decade younger than the Kosovar model. Last week they hosted a super-slim party for baby reception, where they first appeared in the couple.

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