Father rapes and leaves the girl pregnant. Mother: shocked, husband loses!

There are some other horrific details of the events reported today by Vlora Police, who said he was looking for a citizen with the initials V.Ç, who is suspected that this 41-year-old has sexually abused his teenage daughter. (read here a lot)

"Balkan web" writes that the day she learned she was pregnant, she was forced to abort the fetus with deformities.

The 17-year-old from Vlora has denounced to the police that she was raped by her father a few months ago and the fruit of this rape was suspected of being a baby in the womb.

Under the auspices of society and with the help of her mother she has decided to denounce her monstrous father to the police.

The abortion fetus is expected to occur to DNA to reveal paternity, while it is learned that the 17-year-old continues to remain in the maternity ward of Vlora under severe psychological conditions.


News journalist Enrik Mehmeti learns that the abused daughter is the biggest child of the family Çinaj, who lives in difficult economic conditions and for this he appealed for help in September in News 24 and found the support of some citizens.

J.. She had dropped out of school, while other children were also in danger, who could not only secure books, but often slept with her empty stomach as her father was working for days.

In a reporter for News 24, Enrik Mehmeti, mother of Xh. C, Brunilda shows how they have learned the girl's pregnancy, the vicissitudes that led to abortion and charges for her father.

"I do not know what to say, I'm very shocked, I did not think I would go home. When the doctor told me about abortion, I was shocked, I was screaming, sister too. When we took her to the hospital, I took 10,000 leks for some tests. On Thursday, our husband came to the hospital, was drunk, wanted to see the maid, but I thought he would come out. They told us that this is rape within the family, I do not believe it. The girl says is once an elder, once a boy named Gerti, once dad, but is very shocked.

While appealing to help the state leave her living quarters, Brunilda says she will not forgive the person who has abused her daughter. "I want protection, I want to leave here as soon as possible. That person who has done it even if it is my husband will tell him that he does not leave him alive. "

Talking about the relationship with her husband, she adds: "I have also raped and opposed myself, but I have stayed with the children. He did everything with brandy. He did not put up in the kids ".

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