Berisha's denunciation: "Police release the trafficker Fatos Gjura, by order of Taulant Ballë"

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha has today made a denunciation stating that police have freed a trafficker by order of Taulant Ball.

Berisha reports his denunciation to a citizen's message that he writes that the arrest took place three days ago, but has affected Balla's release.

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The police release the drug trafficker, the famous Fatos Taulant Gjures / Yaris / Hoxha / Jashari order pound!

Digital Anti-Drugs informs:

Durres police arrested

Fatos Gjuren and his brother-in-law because he found them with large pounds.

Fatos Gjura is a person looking for the leader of the heroine from Librazhd.

Fatos Gjura passed the Taulant Balles machine with parliamentary immunity and diplomatic passports the border of Macedonia with Albania, which I have denounced in parliament for several years! sb

"Doctor hello!

From sources at the port three days ago Durres police arrested Fatos Gjure and a woman in his family circle (Etleva call it, apparently the brother's bride) during the search large amounts of "Pound" have been found especially in the trunk trunk but the police has not made public because his ordeal Taulant Balla has affected. This is the stimulating police and members of the crime.

Kofidenciale .. "

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