"Tahiri issue" / Speaks for the first time rapporteur for Albania, Knut Fleckenstein

Raportuesi për Shqipërinë, Knut Fleckenstein, states that there is no other way than opening the green light for the opening of Albania's EU membership negotiations. He has given an interview with ABC News and hopes that member states will support this recommendation and will encourage the Albanian government for further results in the Vetting process and 5 priorities. Also in this interview, Fleckenstein also spoke about Tahiri.

"I can not say for sure which party is right and what is wrong. In my view, if the prosecution had sufficient evidence, immunity for arrest had to be lifted, but it was argued that an investigation could be conducted by controlling the person and his apartment without the need for arrest. I do not know what's right or not, since I did not speak to the Prosecution. However, I do not understand what this has to do with the Vetinging process, as the Vetting process involves scanning prosecutors and judges on the functioning of the new justice system. While the issue we are talking about is a separate issue. He knows that the Prosecution of Serious Crimes of Albania can continue the investigation and hope that no one will disappear in the meantime. I also have information from my American colleagues that they are seeing this issue with attention, "said the rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, Knut Fleckenstein.

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