Mobile phones / New tariffs, benefits for subscribers

From 1 December this year, the new call termination tariffs on Vodafone, Telekom and Albtelekom mobile networks have entered into force, which have decreased by 17.5% with existing tariffs and are expected to be reflected in tariffs paid by subscribers.

The Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP) spent a long time in deciding on tariff reductions that should have been adopted in 2016 when AKEP, through Decision No. 2699, dated 01.12.2016, approved the issuance of counseling public "mobile market analysis: wholesale call termination markets in individual mobile networks - public consultation". This public consultation did not come to an end with the tariff reduction decision, which remains in force for 2016.

The decision would be postponed again in 2017, as based on the request of Vodafone Albania, the AKEP Steering Council in its meeting of 16.02.2017 decided to postpone the public consultation period of this document. AKEP, with document no. 2285, dated 16.12.2017, requested mobile operators Vodafone, Telekom Albania and Albtelecom, following the completion of the mobile market consolidation process (with the exception of the Plus Communication market on 1 January 2018), within dated 15.01.2018, to submit final comments on the two documents issued in public consultation in December 2016.

Only after the changes in the managerial and managerial structures of AKEP was made possible the realization of market analysis and AKEP Board with Decision No. 11 dated 22.02.2018 approved the document "Analysis of the mobile services market: wholesale call termination markets in individual mobile networks - Final Document ".

AKEP Board with Decisions No. 12, 13 and 14, dated 22.02.2018, decided to designate Vodafone Albania Sh.a., Telekom and Albtelecom with Sensitive Market Power for termination of calls in the public mobile telephone network Vodafone Albania and imposing regulatory measures.

After public consultation on termination tariffs, AKEP imposed symmetric tariffs for all three operators, with Decisions 72, 73 and 74 on 1.10.2018 according to the maximum level of the following values and deadlines:

Current 1.12.2018 1.12.2019 - for another AKEP decision \ r \ n Maximum Call Termination fee 1.48 1.22 1.11 Note: All in ALL / minute without VAT

The entry into force of the new termination tariffs implies that operators' calculations for wholesale and outgoing call charges to another operator (eg from Vodafone to Telekom Albania) for December will be calculated according to these reduced rates and are expected to be reflected in the reduction of the final tariffs that subscribers pay for cellular calls outside the network (equal to those within the network)


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