Officially: Patent points, 59 fines for drivers

Table with all penalties. Drivers with less than three years of wheel experience are being severely punished.

Official Instruction: More severe penalties for drivers under 3 years.

Removing points for road violations

Patent points seem to make the vehicle drivers more cautious, as the Road Code also foresees "harsh punishments", especially for those who repeat the mistake within the year. Referring to the specific Articles of the Road Code, the violations that can be performed by the vehicle drivers are also defined and for each case the amount of drops removed is determined. \ r \ nGrossing \ r \ nIn total, the Patent under the Road Code will have 21 points. Each vehicle driver, starting with the implementation of these changes, will start with the maximum number of points and, for each case of violation, points will be deducted. The most serious violation is when the vehicle does not enforce the ban, in the event of an accident that has resulted in harm to humans. In this case, automatically according to the Road Code is foreseen a 15-point deduction from the patent. Other cases where the scores drop considerably, mainly at the 10th limit, are those of disobedience to police uniforms to stop, refuse to carry out alcohol tests or to be under the influence of drugs and other substances. Likewise, for vehicles carrying out freight transport, the most severe measures are in those cases where traffic is carried out without authorization. The toughest penalty punishment will be for new executives who have less than three years in possession of the patent. Scoring Points Driving a driver's license points will require the driver to undergo additional courses in order to regain lost ones. Checking the status of the points can be done on the Road Transport Service Directory website through the driving license code. Periodic control will be necessary, as in many cases individuals may not be susceptible to being punished for an offense they may have overlooked. In the case of patents for some classes and the loss of points is for one of them, the individual will eventually be obliged to give the course first for the maximum class of the patent. Lifting points is also done when the patent is suspended. Citizens who are functionaries serving in institutions directly related to the implementation of the law on road safety, the punishment in case of violation will have double the points.

Driving Schools Driver Schools will adapt to changes that the Road Code brings. The latter will need to adapt their program of theoretical and practical training of vehicle drivers to the new standard, while the fee will be determined by them. Registration of persons interested in obtaining a driving license is done by the driving school itself, which registers the persons interested in obtaining a residence permit with residence in the jurisdiction of the district for which it is licensed, as well as the staying students temporary, within this jurisdiction. A limitation that brings about the change of the Road Code is that of the time constraints, where the theory teachers can not give more than 6 hours of theory, instructors no more than 8 hours of practice and a trainee not less than 1 hour practice in day.


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