Basha accepts table with Rama: technical government, but ready to discuss alternative solutions

DP leader Lulzim Basha spoke after a three-hour DP group meeting that included a videoconference with Joseph Daul, chairman of the EPP Group and Johannes Hahn.

After meeting the group Basha said the following:

"The truth is as follows. The parliamentary group met today for a videoconference with Joseph Daul of PEE and Hahn.

We shared our concern about the crisis, criminality and drugs in Albania. The EU's long-term commitment to combating drugs was also followed, "said Basha.

He then returned to the April 25 meeting where McAllister and Fleckenstein's negotiations broke out.

"He returned to last week's attentive attention," he continued. "The proposal that gave us on April 25 was with these points: Deferring the elections on July 16th. Replacement of 4 government ministers, proposed by Rama and with our approval. As well as a mixed package for the consensual election of the President and the People's Advocate. As well as the majority of CEC in favor of DP and not its president, "said Basha.

Basha said the DP made a counter-attack, saying the prime minister should be changed. "We asked for another Prime Minister, proposed by the SP and approved by us," said Basha.

He stressed that their electoral voting claim was rejected with the argument that they were costing much more money and their implementation.

Basha said that the DP had no ambition for the President of the Republic. "After our counter-proposal, we did not have any communication. Apparently the other party has rejected our proposal, "said Basha.

Basha has called the blame of the opposition for the crisis unacceptable. "It was unacceptable Gabriel's statement that the opposition is guilty," Basha told the statement of the German Deputy Prime Minister.

"Rama has not given us any guarantees for what we have requested. So we only ask for the resignation of Edi Rama and the establishment of a technical prime minister, "said Basha. He emphasized that Prime Minister Rama could also buy deputies.

"I have said and continue to say that the technical government and electronic voting are indispensable for free and fair elections. This is our cause, "said Basha.

Basha said that the decision of the DP group is the one to go tomorrow at the meeting with Nishani with these requests, technical government and electronic voting, confirming his participation at the next meeting of the President of the Republic and Prime Minister Rama.

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