Basha calls on the Democrats of SMI and PDIU: Get away from the KPS and the

Lulzim Basha said in the show #RefraremeRudina that PDIU Idriz is a pale copy of the LSI, who has seen the model of a clientelist party and has built its clientele model.

Rudina Xhunga: You called LSI-KSPK and Mr. Vasili immediately reminded your KPS that "stole 250 million euros from the Nation's Street".

Lulzim Basha: They lost the LSI, because they realized that for the first time they will not be in power. The SMI will not be in power.

Lulzim Basha: SMI will not be in power because it has abused power. Not only in these four years, but in eight years has built the model of a clientelist party without agenda, without a program that goes behind any coalition, just to catch jobs and precede cash campaigns.

This model will end, the SMI has become a symbol of this model, the SMI will not be in power after June 25, this is 1000% safe. The coalition I lead will win the elections and we will govern according to a model that will never again have room for clientelist alliances and disagreement.

Rudina Xhunga: "You will get Petrit Vasili on the phone after the elections," Meta said.

Lulzim Basha: "Dream on" say the English, dream.

The SMI model is being punished and punished by vote and I hope they find the strength to return to a truly principled model. If they are left, as they say, then they should act as left-wing rather than as a party from the wind blowing just to catch jobs, to seize tenders and concessions.

Rudina Xhunga: Part of the agreement with Mr. Rama is this, to let LSI out of any power?

Lulzim Basha: Absolutely not. This is part of my 4 years of expressed determination as the leader of the opposition. The Democrats of Albania never again doubt that I, as chairman of the Party, will make a deal with the SMI, because if that doubt exists then every Democrat should not be tempted by the sale of the vote with the idea that we will still be in power.

Today I want to say to every democrat and democrat, we will not rule the SMI, do not make a fatal mistake, otherwise you will remain as Baftjar in the hauret of the Old Republic.

Rudina Xhunga: You had a dinner with Mr. Ilir Meta while in the tent. Did you dry this thing?

Lulzim Basha: I have had no communication out of the principles I strongly believe in, the principles of free and fair elections.

The views of Ilir Meta, then you have seen what it represents. He said he would not go to the polls without the opposition, recorded without the opposition and began calling on the Democrats "vote for SMI".

Rudina Xhunga: It's revenge, that's yours.

Lulzim Basha: No, no, no. I'm not a retaliatory nature I've never had and I do not have a vengeance character.

But this is the truth; The SMI represents nothing, no hope for balance of powers, for curbing the ego.

What did Edi Rama do? Did Edi Rama curb his folly about destroying the foundations of the economy, cannabining, criminalizing? No. I did it cool, because he pressured and then retired when he received the next concession, the next job, the next directorate, the next tender. So typical clientelist party. It made them fresh from morning until dinner, doing as if they were defending the public interest, then just closing up the bazaar with Rama, as soon as she got the essence of the dish, she shook Like. This has happened for all the great affairs.

Rudina Xhunga: Meta stood by the end, unwavering from the idea that the opposition should participate in the election.

Lulzim Basha: I said I will not attend, but then he registered and started calling on the Democrats "vote for LSI". This was Ben and Blake's project that did not explain why they were so bitter when the opposition was registered. They had plans to capture MPs and QL deputies to put pressure on Edi Rama for the power trap. All, Rudina, is the account of the Old Republic, the power account.

Rudina Xhunga: You have escaped people to the SMI, are you sure I believe?

Lulzim Basha: Yes, the SMI has benefited from the vague views of the Democratic Party.

Rudina Xhunga: Unclear Yours?

Lulzim Basha: Even mine, why not. I also have my responsibility for the 2013 campaign.

They said we could govern again with the DP, push that with the DP, give a vote here, give us a vote there. This obviously has caused the puddle and this amulet ends now. With the Democratic Party, with the opposition, with the new Republic, SMI no longer has any chance to enter into the bargaining and bargaining. Every alienated Democrat, enslaved with the SMI card, or with a job from the SMI, now has the chance to return to his home, at her home, look forward heartily, we have no heart attack on what happened that we also have our responsibilities that we accept.

But they are warned, this is the moment to return to their home, otherwise in the haur with the Baftarians of the Old Republic.

Rudina Xhunga: But they have a cause anyway, they are Chams, you can govern with them.

Lulzim Basha: Zero cause, zero cause. What have they achieved for the rights of the Cham community? Tell me one thing they have achieved. The Health Insurance Directorate. One Shpk, the other stall. They are party Shpk, they are party stalls. This is the chance, after these elections, that in these elections it seems that they can not be reformed, to embark on a profound reform if they really want to serve the civic causes and have to cease to be a clientelist party.

Rudina Xhunga: Do not you like the Chams in coalition with you?

Lulzim Basha: Overall, all right-wing voters have the chance to vote for the right coalition for No. 6 and not to distribute either the SMI or the PDIU that the SP has no chance to our voters go, but these two dangers, which somehow we raised with our hands, must be clear, it will be a lost vote because the united opposition, number 6, is the only guarantee for the New Republic, for the republic of citizens. These are a bargaining party, but the carpet has come to an end, so it's the total waste of the vote, it is the vote cast in vain, to vote for these two parties. Return to your home, vote for the Democratic Party, the United Opposition, the number 6./

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