Does she have the support of Rama and is blackmailing officials with compromising dossiers? Here's what Tahiri says

Former Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri has issued strong accusations in the prosecution's office, which after communicating the charges seeks to take him as a defendant.

In his outbreak of Serious Crimes, he met with accusations of "Narcotics Trafficking" within the structured criminal group and "Passive Corruption of High State Officials".

Tahiri has told the media that it will go the truth until the end, after having no one's support of just the truth. Asked if he has the support of Rama and if he has the compromising material that he has been blackmailed to senior officials, Tahiri gave the following answer:

Mr. Tahiri, is it said that you have the compromising material that you make blackmail with senior officials? Do you have these and when will you publish them?

This little country suffices dad Taku with a black cantalong and no need for Saimir Tahiri, I need my own truth. And that's enough for everything.

Do you have support from Rama who is following messages for apology?

I do not need anymore, I do not need anyone's support, but just my truth. If you think you need someone's support and being in someone's armpits.

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