Engel: Albania, thriving democracy. The most pro-American people in the world

A member of the House of Representatives, New York Democratic lawmaker Eliot Engel, a strong supporter of the Shiite affairs for years, has congratulated all Albanians for the celebration of Independence. With the traditional greeting "Happy", he closed his speech on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence in the US Congress.

Englel said that since the declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago, today Albania is a thriving democracy, is a NATO member.

"Bearing in mind the fact that for about half a century Albania was the most brutal dictatorship in the world, where the Albanian people were under the most intense anti-American propaganda, the Albanian people never believed it," he said.

From my experience with Albanian issues, Congressman Engel said, I want to tell you that no people in the world are more pro-American than the Albanian people, in Albania, Kosovo, the United States and elsewhere.

Celebrations of November 28th

The 100th anniversary is celebrated in Times Square, Rita Ora lives in Tirana. Nishani, waiting at the Palace of Brigades

TIRANA - World renowned singer from Pristina, Rita Ora climbed to the scene of Mother Teresa Square shortly before the clock marked 00:00. She climbed to the scene accompanied by Prime Minister Sali Berisha. Earlier, she had been invited by the President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani, at the reception held at the Brigade Palace. Hundreds of young people have not only challenged the rain and have been waiting for the famous singer.

President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani has organized a reception for all Albanian leaders and all the guests on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Part of the President's speech, Nishani

"We are gathered for a holiday, for joy to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our state. I propose to do something different, an exception to the formal speeches, and let's boast a little. It is no sin to boast 1 time in 100 years. Our state is 100 years old, so not old, but we and our history are much older than these 100 years, we are peers of humanity, we are century-old. The truth is that during our existence, it is not that we have discovered any of the wonders of the world, but we have Pelasgic roots, Illyrian history with kings and emperors, influencing the history of ancient history. We have our own language, the wonderful Albanian language, one of the most prominent, the richest, the most sublime, the most beautiful of all languages, is among the first to classify the old age of over 6,000 languages the planet speaks .

We have been, we are, and will be, the strict observers of Western civilization, who, regardless of the historical trilogy that has occasionally divided us apart, per se belong to ourselves. In our land everywhere you dig, you find something antique, and where on every tip of the hillside finds a toe, there is early evidence of early civilizations. Our forefathers have been prominent warriors all over the world, for bravery, faith, and intelligence, our Middle Ages is full of princes, pashas and scholars, made of the most interesting. We are heroes of countless defensive wars, we have had our Robin Hudas, we have authors of great works, great translations of literary works, which in our language are made by the masters who envy the world. We have our own Gate, Lasgush Poradec, among the world-wide living writers, Ismail Kadare, we are members of the NATO alliance, we are contributors to the export of peace, our entire history is a story of infinite flight and infraction, after which crashes we have always been raised, stronger and more fresh, flying, crashing, rebuilding, crashing again, and rising again, in a sacrificial spiral is the key to understanding our survival.

If we have it, we sure have it. Just as everyone else has theirs, we also have our own quarrels, our cherubs. Our main drawback is that we are a bit, and the plot is small, so others say, for ourselves it is not a fault or a shortage, but a luxury because we are not earthenware, but crystal glass, we are not sea water, we are the source of water, we have a great advantage, we do not harm anyone.

Although we have some things in the retail, we have the majority of the energy, otherwise we would not be here today, free by celebrating this sacred date.

We Albanians are a bit weird, shrewd customers, stupid lovers, kings of ourselves, we claim to have each his airport, prosecution and court, its own way. Yes, we are, but we also know how to adapt, and we will adapt to become worthy residents of the European family.

We are the country and the nation with the greatest desire to join the EU, such a close relationship with our state-building mummies, Ismail Qemali, Faik Konica, Fan Nolin, Ahmet Zogu etc. reminds us of how right he had poet, and what a great reason there is today each of us to utter once again the thrilling words; "I'm here and here I will be, until the mountain becomes hi and ash the mountain again. Happy. "

Albanians "occupy" the square "Times Square"

Albanians in America have long occupied New York's Times Square, while wearing the reddish-tale. The Albanian community is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, while you have the opportunity to click here LIVE! and follow the reddish show at "Times Square."

Overtake the Albanian Armed Forces

In the square "Skënderbej" was held the Parade of Independence, parade of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania. During the parade were present, the President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani and the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga. PM Berisha, his Kosovar counterpart, Thaci, was present. Defense Minister Arben Imami and many other personalities invited on this occasion.

The head of government Sali Berisha in a very emotional speech welcomed and honored all those who contributed to the 100 years of the declaration of independence.

Berisha honored Ismail Qemali, the founder of the Albanian state, Hasan Prishtina, the architect of Ethnic Albania, and Isa Boletin, whom Berisha described as Robin Hud of Albania, and all the Independent Businessmen.

The Prime Minister honored the Albanian women and girls, the minority living in Albania, as well as the young people who said that Albania will be forever grateful.

Berisha's statements, Avramopoulos, canceled the visit

Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos has recently canceled his visit to Tirana, expressing the Greek government's dissatisfaction with the statements of the Albanian Prime Minister on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary anniversary of Albania's independence.

"Such statements do not contribute to the creation of a climate of friendship, trust and good neighborly relations between the two countries, as well as the development of joint initiatives in areas of common interest, such as the political, economic and energy sectors," he said. in the statement of the Greek Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Berisha's spokeswoman Erla Mehilli further clarified the statement of the head of government, made by the Prime Minister in Vlora yesterday, in which Preveza was quoted.

"The prime minister's statement refers to the historical context of 100 years ago and does not express any territorial claim to our neighbors in the South, North or the East," she explains.

Berisha sets up the Independence lunch. In Tirana, a giant cake was cut

The head of the government, Sali Berisha, drove on the lunchtime luncheon for the 100th anniversary of the Independence of the country, where he made all the guests, domestic and foreign, excluding the opposition which continued the celebration in Vlore.

"It is a special honor to greet you humbly about your presence on this historic day of the Albanian nation. I want to express my deepest gratitude to you that you have honored so much with your arrival, your friendly countries and nations to which we feel compelled. Today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence, which has been one of the most difficult births of the continent, "Berisha said, addressing the guests.

Basha, Berisha, Jahjaga and Thaci await the torture of Independence

Tirana's head of municipality, Lulzim Basha, thanked 200 pasttiers and hundreds of businesses that helped shape what he has labeled as a cake with ever-built giant cakes.

Cutting the cake is done by the head of the municipality, Lulzim Basha, the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci.

Basha has stated that the cake is enough for two squares "Skenderbej" and will be distributed on the three sides of the colonnade.

Thousands are present at Skanderbeg Square, in front of the National Theater of Opera and Ballet, where there is a giant 4-tone cake.

There were no problems during the torture process. A woman has had to turn off the invasions and postponements, and then she was transported to the hospital. Meanwhile, many of the attendees who have been waiting in the square since the morning have been shown impatiently pushing them to enjoy the cake.

The flag is raised in Vlora. Nishani: This flag shows us the way. Gjika: Union, the motto of the feast

In a festive atmosphere, under the enthusiasm of thousands of present and with the united politicians, the flag was set up in Vlora.

Merger messages have been sent from the Flag Square in Vlora, in the speech of the head of state Bujar Nishani and the Mayor of Vlora, Shpetim Gjika.

Gjika: "Vlaage union in all dimensions

"Vlachs union in all dimensions" has named the head of Vlora municipality, Shpetim Gjika the motto of this great feast. Keeping the word after the flag lifting, Gjika has thanked and thanked all the thousands present in the square that holds the name of the flag.

"Today is marked the closure of the first 100 years to slip another stage of statehood. If the fathers of the nation contributed to the foundations of the state, the offspring have an even greater obligation to remodel their project according to the parameters of an advanced European state, the moment of reflection, this century has had injustices that are still burdened, there have been few what we loved and loved, freedom, "said Gjika.

According to him, today's reflection should serve to everyone, as there is no minute time to lose. "We write the new history of Albanians, without having to rewrite, the leitmotif of this celebration, this word is union, fraternal union in all dimensions, the spectrum of colors, national unity as an irreversible process, not as a climax but as a passage union of hearts, wills, example is what is happening here in this glorious square "- said Gjika.

According to him, Vlora has reason to feel proud, as the city has kept alive the spirit of freedom for over 100 years, were Vlora and Vlora that at any moment they called history they responded with sublime sacrifices, so it has been and will be.

"We Albanians have reason to be proud that the father of the first Albanian state was a wise diplomat and not a military leader, an ardent patriot, not a charlatan and a preacher of false ideologies," Gjika said.

Nishani: The road shows us this flag

The head of state congratulated all Albanians for the celebration. "A small country of chauvinistic intentions did not collapse, did not shrink, stood up, nourished the blood of its own dream for freedom, had good children who wanted to defend their lands, we have endangered and great hopes, today's and tomorrow's Albania are the continuation of the flag raising in Vlora, "said Nishani.

According to him, we and our flag exist not otherwise than in symbiosis with our flag, as such we and our flag are inseparable, as matter and thought, the idea and action as the earth and the sky, body and soul are one.

"Our flag is among the cleanest, he did not take any invasion of any destruction, it was us and we loved him as a survival symbol. We shine and tell us the way this flag we have. As the president of a vacant country more than ever near the EU, where I wish to celebrate the feast of all Albanians who have been deprived of liberty in 100 years, "said Nishani.

Marchers of Gjilan: Pria amanetin e deshmoreeve

The marchers started from Gjilan with their feet arrived today in Vlora and donated the red flag to the President of the Republic of Bujar Nishani.

One of them stated that they came to Vlora to put the trust of their fathers in place.

"We get here the haven of martyrs who gave life to this day. I wish that today we are all united, "he said.

Ceremonies in Vlore

Subsequently, the country's president, Bujar Nishani, accompanied by the mayor of Vlora, Shpetim Gjika, and other personalities have made homage to Ismail Qemali's tomb.

In the tomb of the husband of the state have placed wreaths of different authorities, from the President of Kosovo, Jahjaga, Speaker Jozefina Topalli, President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Krasniqi; Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, SP leader, Edi Rama, and ministers of government cabinets.

The 12 meter long torture with two main symbols placed in the center of the square was cut by the head of the Albanian state, Bujar Nishani and the head of the Vlora municipality.

Invited personalities from Kosovo, Albania, diplomatic representations and thousands of others are in Vlore today. President of the country, accompanied by the first lady, President of Kosovo Jahjaga, head of the Albanian government, Sali Berisha, Speaker Topalli, members of the cabinet, head of the Government of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, head of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama from the spouse and socialist deputies, the accredited ambassadors in Tirana, having shaken their hands with them, are positioned at 10.00 am on the podium of honor.

Albanians celebrate today in the world, everywhere where 1 century independence lives.

The big day is celebrated today in Vlora at a special ceremony starting with the rise of the national flag, just as 100 years ago made the wise elder Ismail Qemali.

The City of Flag is more than populated this day, in an irreducible enthusiasm, despite the bad weather.

Celebrations in the capital. The breakfast in Tirana has found at work the pastors for the finalization of the Cake of Independence, which is expected at 10.00 to serve the participants.

The atmosphere is on, the awakening has been fast, while for others it has found the almost awake breakfast.

the celebrations of 27 November

Ivanov annuls the invitation

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has rejected the invitation of his Albanian counterpart, Bujar Nishani, to attend the tomorrow's manifestation marking the 100th anniversary of Albanian Statehood Independence.

According to Zhurnal, sources from the Presidency have informed that the cause for President Ivanov's non-attendance is incidents that occurred during Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's visit to Tirana.

Heads of state refused to attend the event organized on Sunday evening in the sports hall "Boris Trajkovski".

In his visit a few days ago, the car of Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski, was shot with the yoke.

Berisha in Vlora: Honor forever, Ismail Qemal Vlora

Prime Minister Sali Berisha has arrived in the city of Vlora to attend the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Premier Berisha thanked the citizens of Vlora for the reception, as he said, while expressing ever-present gratitude for the father of Independence of Albania, Ismail Qemali.

"Forever, the father of Albania's Independence, Ismail Qemal Vlora, the men who signed the act of Independence" - Berisha said.

Vlora honors Rexhep Qosen and Withers. The statue of Ismail Qemali in pavilion 'Independence'

Vlora honored this 100th anniversary of Independence with the title "Honorary Citizen", writer Rexhep Qose and former US Ambassador to our country, John Withers.

Then in the "Pavaresia" square of the city, the two younger citizens have discovered the statue of Ismail Qemali, 6 meters high.

In a special ceremony in front of thousands of participants, the mayor of Vlora, Shpetim Gjiika has appreciated their great contribution to the country, each in its own field.

"Rexhep Qose is a respectable descendant of the Renaissance. Your contribution was not that of a simple intellectual. Qose represents a dimension throughout Albanian culture "- said Gjika.

Qose has respected the honor that has been made, adding that no one can take its national historic role in Vlora, while emphasizing that Albanians celebrate in this 100th anniversary not as tosk and geke nor any other, but as united albanians.

Former Ambassador Withers, honored for the assessment, stated that the country has faced other challenges today. "I have no doubt that Albania will have a new renaissance of freedom. The vision of the Qemal led those valiant people, the vision of modern Albania will guide you through every challenge on your way. You will meet your vision, the ideal of a prosperous and free Albania, "said Withers.

Rama: Acknowledgments Gjika, duty in difficult conditions

Finally, the head of the Socialist Party, Edi Rama, expressed gratitude for the lavish work done by the Municipality of Vlora, its head and all the vlonjatet.

"They have been forced to do so many difficulties, then they deserve all our gratitude, gratitude to the citizens of Vlora, I heard that a very beautiful spontaneous, civic initiative to open doors for those who come from Kosovo has an extraordinary success and so far thousands of Kosovo citizens have been registered in these houses, "said Rama.

Clinton congratulates Albanians: Reform of free elections

Numerous honors addressed to Albanians on the occasion of Independence Day of Albania, this 100th anniversary was joined by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a press statement, Clinton is pleased that on behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States sends best wishes to the people of Albania.

"Since the establishment of a democratic republic, Albania has made great strides forward. Today, Albania is ready to consolidate those victories and integrate into a Europe that is whole, free and at peace. But this requires the adoption of the remaining reforms now, and the conduct of free and transparent parliamentary elections next spring, further strengthening of democracy and the modernization of Albania so that it responds to the needs of the Albanian people "- said in the message.

It once again guarantees Albanians for US support and deepening of friendship among peoples. "As you celebrate with families and loved ones, you know that the United States is a partner and friend. We look forward to a future of friendship and continued co-operation, "Secretary Clinton's statement concludes," the message ends.

Celebrations of 26 November

The flag mosaic, the statue of Ismail Qemali and the Eagle Square are inaugurated

TIRANA - In the square at the roundabout of Customs, at the entrance of Tirana, which will now be named "Eagle", is discovered the monument of a great Eagle. Just a few minutes after Berisha discovered the statue of Ismail Qemal Vlora, he also discovered the symbol of our nation The Great Eagle located in the middle of this square.

Present at this inauguration were the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, the head of the Municipality of Tirana, Lulzim Basha, his Kosovar counterpart, Isa Mustafa and the ministers, Myqerem Tafaj and Aldo Bumçi, as well as the head of SMI, Ilir Meta .

Also praised Lazim Destani from Tetovo, whose family contributed to the erection of this monument. He stressed that the wish of every Albanian is to see us united. At the inauguration of this work there were representatives from other Albanian lands.

This eagle, said PM Berisha, of Skanderbeg's flag, would rise in 1912 from heroic Vlora to fly forever on Albanian lands.

Following the execution of the flag of the flag, Prime Minister Sali Berisha discovered the statue of Ismail Qemali.

The statue of the architect of Albania's Independence was revealed in the presence of many citizens. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Culture, Aldo Bumci and the Speaker of Parliament, Jozefina Topalli.

Also present were the leaders of some of the main municipalities throughout the Albanian space.

The statue of Ismail Qemali was worked by Odysseus Paskali and is located on the Boulevard "Dëshmorët e Kombit", in the park near the Assembly Hall of Albania.

Premier Berisha praised the figure of Ismail Qemali when he called it a great-grand reformer, one of the greatest, most prominent, boldest and most visionary men in the history of our nation.

"He realized that the Junkers were wholly anti-Albanian. Under these conditions, Ismail Qemal Vlora undertakes with a group of associates, Hasan Prishtina, Luigj Gurakuqi, Isa Boletini, Dede Gjo Lulin and other men to work decisively for the independence of Albania, "Berisha said.

According to him, Ismail Qneal Vlora realized that the Balkan alliance was a wholly anti-Albanian alliance, an alliance in which Balkan neighbors had decided to divide the lands of the Albanian nation.

The flag mosaic in Tirana is inaugurated. Basha: Together with the EU

The capital begins the celebrations for the 100th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Concerts, activities, exhibitions of festive atmosphere until 28 November.

The head of Tirana Municipality, Lulzim Basha, expressing gratitude for all the Tirana families, has commemorated the erection of the flag here 100 years ago in Tirana and inaugurated the flag mosaic.

"As today 100 years ago in this country was raised the red and black flag, preceded by the decision of the declaration of independence of the country, today on this important day that has started the feast that feels in every neighborhood, I want to stop to remember gratitude to the signers of the flag-raising act in Tirana "- said Basha, counting the signatures.

According to Bashes, this mosaic with stones is authentic as it is a deep and old value of the city, as stones are gathered in Albanian lands and in places where the bloody battles that date back to Skanderbeg's time have developed.

"This city grew up with independent Albania, today the capital of the Albanian nation. From that day on November 26 to today many things have happened, but today Tirana is not only the largest city, the capital of the Albanians, but the hope and the confidence that radiates hope and trust throughout the country "- said Basha.

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